This is a free online course for VET students aiming to improve their entrepreneurship-related emotional intelligence and digital skills.
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EIDE E-learning course for Students- Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship

The main target group of the course isVET high-school students aged 15-19, but it is also be appropriate for recent graduates/apprentices, and anyone else willing to understand the links between emotional intelligence, digitalization and entrepreneurial succes.


This e-learning course can be accessed on desktop or mobile devices


It contains interactive resources, animated videos and tests to asses your knowledge.


You choose how much time you want to invest and how fast you go 

Part I - Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

Module 1- What is and what is not emotional intelligence?

You will become aware of the importance of emotions for entrepreneurial success. and understand that neither standard intelligence nor emotional intelligence is predictive of leadership performance or business success by itself.

Module 2 - Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Performance

You will be introduced to evidence showing that high level of emotional intelligence are positively associated with job performance, workplace productivity, profitability, and enhancing the overall quality of work and life.

Module 3 - Identifying, facilitating, understanding and regulating personal emotions

You’ll improve your understanding of emotion types (negative, positive, secondary and their roles in in: attention, creative thinking, problem solving, error identification, motivation.

Module 4 - Empathy. Reading others.

You'll increase your empathy and capacity to identify/anticipate the emotions of others and adapt your behavior accordingly.

Module 5 - The emotionally intelligent leader. Coaching your employees.

As future a leader, you’ll understand how stop treating your employees as machines or 100% rationally beings can increase their productivity and effectiveness.

Module 6 - The emotionally intelligent entrepreneur. Understanding your clients.

You will become aware of the importance of understanding emotions that stand at the base of customers behaviors and how to meet their expectancies

Part II - Digital Entrepreneurship

Module 1 - Introduction to the basics of digital entrepreneurship

You’ll get improved awareness and knowledge knowledge of the importance of digital entrepreneurship for digital growth;

Module 2 - Digital entrepreneurship for start-ups

You’ll understand the ways digital tools can facilitate success and reduce the initial investments and costs of a start-up.

Module 3 - Internet as a principal sales channel. Online marketing. E-commerce

Improve your knowledge of the main principles and tools of e-commerce, on-line customers behaviors.

Module 4 - Using Social media and Networking to increase visibility and revenue. Online reputation.

Understand the potential of social media as a publicity channel.

Module 5 - Making your business digital. Reducing costs and increasing effectiveness

Get to know the basics of on-line collaboration tools and office technique/machinery.

Module 6 - Why do you need digitally literate employees? How to increase digital competence of your employees

Valuable hints on how to develop your employees' digital skills.


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