A collection of activities complementary to each module of the Part I /Part II of the e-learning course, to be used by VET teachers/trainers either if they act as on-line instructors or during face-to face learners.
Each chapter of the manual corresponds to a module of the e-learning course proposing a series of interactive methods ideas of non-formal learning activities as a source of inspiration for the teachers/trainers to increase the attractiveness of the activities. 


O3 Curriculum Framework

The curriculum framework is an instrument to support VET teachers and VET providers to embed 2 new contents (Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurial Success and Digital Entrepreneurship) into the standard VET training program. The framework is complementary to the EIDE Training Course and EIDE TEACHING AND LEARNING TOOLKIT. It make the correlation between knowledge, skills, competences, learning contents, evaluation methods and indicators of achievement.
Due to the fact that national VET training systems are different, a common framework/template has been used, but your are free personalize the document and adapt it to national context. 

Mobirise Mobirise

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