Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship for VET Students

Entrepreneurship skills do not only refer to those necessary to successfully start and operate a business. They also involve a the development of entrepreneurial mind-sets, sense of initiative and creative thinking, which are closely related to personal development.

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About EIDE Project

EIDE (Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship in VET) project brings together partners from different backgrounds (business/ICT field, VET providers and social partners/NGO) in order to address one of the most important nowadays priority. Entrepreneurial activity, due to its positive effects (fostering innovation, job creation, encouraging competitiveness) is vital for economic growth and economic prosperity.

Through its activities and outputs, it proposes an innovative approach of two factors influencing entrepreneurial success: emotional intelligence and digital skills.

Individuals in entrepreneurial occupations often meet business situations requiring unique skills in social interaction. In fact, emotional intelligence has overwhelming implications in decision-making, negotiation, leadership, searching for opportunities, initiative, stress management and customer relations.

The second crucial trait of highly successful entrepreneurs is the ability to keep up with the latest trends (social, technological, economical). ”Digital transformation of European industry and enterprises” report shows that the transformative power of digital is enormous and unexploited.

The project will be implemented by 7 partners from Poland, Belgium, Romania, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, over a period of 24 months and it responds to 3 types of needs (beyond the partnership):

*Needs of the VET providers (schools and non-formal training providers): VET providers need a framework, innovative didactic materials, staff trained and the involvement of business and social partners so they can equip their students with social interaction and business digital skills;

*Needs of VET students: VET students, as more likely to start a business after high-school or to get employed need to develop an unique set of entrepreneurship skills to increase their chances to succeed.

*Needs of companies: Companies need intrapreneurs, employees with a high level of business awareness, social interaction skills and business digital skills making them able to work independently and effectively without receiving directions all the time.

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E-learning course for Students- Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship

Part I - Emotional Intelligence Training for Entrepreneurial Success Manual and Guidelines for VET Teachers and Trainers Part II - Digital Entrepreneurship Manual and Guidelines for VET Teachers and Trainers

Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship Curriculum Framework

EIDE Train the trainer online course

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Transnatonal Consortium Meeting in Brussels for EIDE KOM

7 partners from 6 European countries were hosted by IHF asbl in Brussels on 27 November 2018 during the kick-off meeting of the EIDE project.

During the meeting, the Partners (from Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and UK) had the opportunity to introduce themselves and get to know each other in more depth. After the presentations, space was devoted to a general overview of EIDE, with the explanation of the intellectual results and of the main activities envisaged in the project, in order to improve the understanding of the project partners and make them know exactly the roles and the distribution of the tasks.

30 November 2018

''Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship in VET"

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