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O 1- EIDE E-learning course for Students- Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship

Online course with 2 parts of 6 modules each. The course will be self-paced, learners being able to choose their learning rhythm, but it can also be carried out with instructor and with a fixed schedule due to the integration of on-line collaboration tools.

The structure of the course:

Introduction - 2 business success factors
Part I Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Success
Module 1- What is and what is not emotional intelligence?
Module 2 Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Performance.
Module 3 Identifying, facilitating, understanding and regulating personal emotions.
Module 4 - Empathy. Reading others.
Module 5- The emotionally intelligent leader. Coaching your employees.
Module 6 - The emotionally intelligent entrepreneur. Understanding your clients.

Part II - Digital Entrepreneurship
Module 1 - Introduction to the basics of digital entrepreneurship.
Module 2 - Digital entrepreneurship for start-ups.
Module 3 - Internet as a principal sales channel. Online marketing.
Module 4. Internet as a principal sales channel. E-commerce. What do you need to know about on-line shops. Using Social media and Networking to increase visibility and revenue. Online reputation.
Module 5- Making your business digital. Reducing costs and increasing effectiveness.
Module 6 - Why do you need digitally literate employees? How to increase digital competence of your employees.
The main target group of the course if formed of VET high-school students aged 15-19, but it will also be appropriate for recent graduates/apprentices.
At the end of the training course a printable certificate of attendance will be generated (conditioned by going through all the modules, passing all the tests and the final evaluation).
The e-course will be available in all project languages and optimized for mobile devices (accessible from smart-phones and tablets). EQF 4-5.
Format: each module will involve interactive/animate sections, text (downloadable), graded and ungraded quizzes with different type of items (formative and summative evaluation); 


Students Trained by September 2021

IO 2 – EIDE (Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship)Teaching & Learning Toolkit

A collection of activities complementary to each module of the Part I /Part II of the e-learning course, to be used by VET teachers/trainers either if they act as on-line instructors or during face-to face learners.
Each chapter of the manual will correspond to a module of the e-learning course and will propose a series of interactive methods (including images and embedded videos for the interactive version) and ideas of non-formal learning activities activities as a source of inspiration for the trainers to increase the attractiveness of the activities. It will include a short theory part, 2-3 in class activities/worksheets/chapter, evaluation methods;
Part I and Part II will be available separately so they can be used by beneficiaries according to their needs.
Formats: pdf, interactive pdf, printable;
EQF level 4;
The product is innovative not only through its contents, but through the fact that its aim will be to facilitate a more in-depth understanding of the themes studied individually or guided, on the platform.


Teachers Using EIDE Toolkit By September 2021

IO 3 – EIDE (Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship) Curriculum Framework

The curriculum framework will be an instrument to support VET teachers and VET providers to embed 2 new contents (Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurial Success and Digital Entrepreneurship) into the standard VET training program. The framework will be complementary to the Manuals and e-learning resources. It will make the correlation between knowledge, skills, competences, learning contents , evaluation methods and indicators of achievement. It will be adapted for EQF level 4.
Due to the fact that national VET training systems are different, a common framework/template will be use, but teach partner will personalize the document and adapt it to national context. 


Schools Embedding EIDE by September 2021

O 4- EIDE E-learning course VET Teachers

The role of this product will be to familiarize VET teachers with the concepts and context specific to the 2 main fields of emotional intelligence and digital entrepreneurship, as well as with the tools developed withing the EIDE project so they can better support their students and institutions in integrating the new areas.


VET Teacher/Mentors Trained by September 2021

''Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship in VET"

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